Consultants for Human Development

Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey

ADEMA as a member of ACONI is collaborating with The Foundation of Barrier Free Society- ETOD (Engelsiz Toplum Oluşturma Derneği), Ankara Rehber Akademi Derneği-ARAD and with the Ankara Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers-ANKESOB, in the developing of 3 new projects for the EU-Turkey "Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey".

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Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP) for Somalia

ADEMA Management has been selected to participate in the research and implementation programme DFID funded Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP) for Somalia, and to engage the market prior to an Early Market Engagement Event (EMEE) to be held in Amsterdam on Friday the 27th of February 2015.

More tan two decades since the collapse of central authority, Somalia has been labelled the most corrupt and at times the most dangerous country in the world. Since 1990, the massive humanitarian, security and to a lesser extent development assistance have resulted in only marginal economic growth. A "learning by doing" approach is becoming increasily recognized as an effective way of addressing complexity. This is the approach of the Implemtation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme (IAAAP) for Somalia.



Tourism Development in Ecuador

In Ecuador tourism development has been virtually recent and its importance in the national economy began to become economically and socially significant since late 80s, always with a large component related to nature and cultural wealth, given the characteristics of the country . Estimates of the World Travel and Tourism Council for 2020 expect 1,555,000 visitors to the country, therefore, is estimated a constant and continuous growth in the coming years.

This makes  the Tourism is a sector of great future for Ecuador, so we are developing a project to train specialized tourism experts in the city of Cuenca, during the months of March and April. 


Developing a Social Project in Palestine

  Palestine needs assessment study fort the scholastic year 2014-2015

The Overall objective of the Project is to evaluate the needs of the Youth in Palestine for the current scholastic period 2014-2015.

We are going to develop interviews in depth with representants of the main educational institutions and NGOs in Palestine.

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